Facebook Reveals Agenda for @Scale 2014

Facebook released the agenda for its @Scale 2014 conference for engineers, which will be held Monday, Sept. 15, at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco.

AtScale650Facebook released the agenda for its @Scale 2014 conference for engineers, which will be held Monday, Sept. 15, at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco.

The conference will not focus exclusively on the social network, as the 21 talks will also cover companies including Box, Dropbox, Google, Instagram, Khan Academy, LinkedIn, Netflix, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Wikimedia Foundation and YouTube.

Facebook said in the post on its engineering blog containing the event’s agenda:

We’re gearing up for @Scale 2014, the latest event in our conference series for engineers who build or maintain systems that are designed for scale.

Building applications and services that scale to millions or even billions of people presents a complex set of engineering challenges, many of them unprecedented. The @Scale community is focused on bringing people together to openly discuss these challenges and collaborate on the development of new solutions.

A list of the talks planned for @Scale 2014 and their speakers follows, with far more details available in the blog post:

Data Track

  • Data Platform Architecture, Evolution and Philosophy: Netflix Data Platform Engineer Kurt Brown and Senior Software Engineer Justin Becker
  • Growing Facebook on Mobile, a Real-Time Analytics Story: Facebook Engineer Weizhe Shi, Engineering Manager Anshul Jasiwal and Product Analyst Will Wirth.
  • Zen: Pinterest’s Graph Storage Service: Pinterest Engineering Manager Raghavendra Prabhu and Engineer Xun Liu.
  • Building Scalable Caching Systems via McRouter: Facebook Engineer Rajesh Nishtala and Reddit Engineer Ricky Ramirez.
  • Structured Data at Box: How We’re Building for Scale: Box Senior Engineering Manager Tamar Bercovici.
  • Scaling YouTube’s Back End: The Vitess Trade-Offs: YouTube Software Engineer Sugu Sougoumarane.

Mobile Track

  • Facebook’s iOS Architecture: Facebook Engineering Director Nick Schrock, Engineer Adam Ernst, Engineer Jonathan Dann and Software Engineer Ari Grant.
  • Practical Cross-Platform Mobile C++ Development: Dropbox.
  • Unbundling and Its Impact on Mobile and Web Architectures: LinkedIn Senior Director of Engineering Kiran Prasad.
  • Speeding Up Android Development with Exopackage: Facebook Engineer David Reiss.
  • Android Apps for Emerging Markets: Facebook Engineering Manager Alex Sourov, Instagram Engineer Tyler Kieft and Facebook Product Manager Chris Marra.

Web Track

  • Migrating Wikipedia from PHP5 to HHVM: Wikimedia Foundation Senior Performance Engineer Ori Livneh.
  • Creating Interactive Learning Interfaces at Khan Academy: Khan Academy Software Engineers Ben Alpert and Pamela Fox.
  • JavaScript: Testing at Scale and Static Type Systems: Facebook Engineers Jeff Morrison and Avik Chaudhuri.
  • Advanced Debugging Techniques with Chrome: Google Chrome Developer Advocate Paul Irish.
  • WebP at YouTube: Faster images on Desktop and Mobile: Google Software Engineer Mikhail Sychev.
  • Reactive Extensions: Netflix Technical Lead Jafar Husain.
  • Adaptable Systems and UI Components: Twitter Engineer Nicolas Gallagher.

Engineers: Are you planning to attend @Scale 2014?

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