Ask Mark Zuckerberg a question during live Q&A on Nov. 6


It’s a Facebook tradition to have weekly all-hands meetings where employees can ask CEO Mark Zuckerberg about anything.

Now you can do the same.

Zuckerberg is hosting a live Q&A session with Facebook users on Thursday, Nov. 6 at 2 p.m. PST. He posted about the event on his timeline:

We have a tradition at Facebook, where every Friday we have a Q&A and all employees can come and ask me questions about anything they want.

It’s an important part of Facebook’s culture. People ask thoughtful questions about why our company is going in certain directions, what I think about things happening in the world, and how we can continue improving our services for everyone. I learn a lot from these Q&As, and the questions people ask help us build better services.

Now I want to extend this tradition to our whole community.

To participate, go to the Q&A with Mark event page and comment on Zuckerberg’s post with a question, or (similar to Reddit) vote for a good question by liking the individual comment.

Zuckerberg will answer questions for about an hour.

Readers: What do you want to ask Zuck?

Photo by Praneendra Kuver for Inside Facebook.