Apple Gets Patent for Mobile Paperless 'iTravel' Tickets

Apple’s latest patent, iTravel, not only has the potential to give them a bigger chunk of the mobile payments and paperless ticketing markets, but also the potential to solve many of the airport bottlenecks, due to regulations, that have made traveling miserable for some of us in recent years. Following their Concert Ticket+ system, granted a patent last week, which suggested that Apple was after a piece of the revenues in concert and conference ticketing, they seem to be going after more than the lucrative travel ticketing business. While it’s not certain, these are features that will likely appear in iPhone OS 4.0 or some subsequent revision.

Patently Apple reveals the details of iTravel, indicating that Apple is after not just the paperless boarding pass/ check-in market that is likely to appear soon because of various government regulations, but also trying to gain marketshare for electronic ID and various travel-related reservations and rentals. Part of the paperless ticketing system could involve regular barcodes or the newer 3D “QR” codes, scannable directly from the display screen of an iPhone, as per Starbucks own iPhone-based payment system.