App Development Contests 101 - Tips From a Judge and a Developer

Recently, I was selected to be a judge in Bebo’s B.E.S.T. Developer contest.  Over 2,000 applicants participated, and after 2 months, 18 were selected by Bebo to be judged.  Frank Gruber, Dave McClure, and I (Jesse Stay) all had the opportunity of trying out each one and judge, based on various criteria, what we thought of them.  The results were all tallied up by Bebo, and the top 5 were announced at an awards ceremony.  Those included Kickmania, Banana Grams, Robokill Trainer, and Solid Sudoku. The winner, Bowling Buddies, by Playfish, deservedly won Grand Prize due to it being a very engaging and visually appealing app with functional UI.