Ant-Man Arrives in Marvel Mobile Games

We take a look at the Ant-Man content updates in three popular Marvel mobile games.

With the upcoming release of Marvel’s Ant-Man in theaters, three major Marvel mobile games have been updated with themed content for fans who can’t wait for the film’s release.

First, Netmarble’s Marvel Future Fight has been updated with Ant-Man content, as well as general new features. The update introduces characters including Ant-Man, Giant Man, Wasp and Yellowjacket to the game, and sees Ant-Man completing new missions focusing on differences in scale. This includes the ability to play enlarged and minimized versions of existing quests.

Marvel Future Fight is an action RPG, which sees players collecting characters from the Marvel universe and taking them into missions to defeat their enemies.

In addition to Ant-Man specific content, this update introduces the new S.H.I.E.L.D. Lab to players, giving them a place to upgrade their equipment. A new alliance mode is also available, allowing gamers to form guilds of up to 30 players. These alliances can access specific alliance quests and alliance skills.

Finally, new in-game rewards have been added, including a new Hero Lotto Ant-Man character chest, an updated dimension chest that includes Ant-Man characters and biometric data, a new Ant-Man uniform and a Nickname Changer item.

Marvel Future Fight is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game was downloaded more than 20 million times in its first two months.

A second title, Kabam’s Marvel of Contest of Champions, has been updated with a special Ant-Man story event. In Marvel Contest of Champions, players build a team of heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe, and take these characters into both single-player and multiplayer battles.

In this update, Ant-Man has discovered something unusual in the world of Battlerealm, as a group of tiny Adaptoids are seen carrying ISO-8 fragments to an unknown location. Players will complete new quests to learn more about this mystery, with new quests being released every four to five days.

Ant-Man Marvel Contest of Champions

In the upcoming weeks, the game will receive additional characters, including Yellowjacket, Elektra, War Machine and more. Additionally, this update adds a new Alliance Quests feature to the game, allowing players to complete new maps in real-time with their Alliance. Finally, players can also compete on their own in the player-vs-player arenas, or team up with their alliance in the alliance arenas for both Ant-Man and Yellowjacket.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, and has been downloaded more than 40 million times since its release in December 2014.

Finally, D3 Go‘s puzzle battle game, Marvel Puzzle Quest, has received the limited-time ‘Growth Industry’ event, allowing gamers to recruit Ant-Man for their team after they’ve completed a series of five missions. These missions will take place over the next 30 days, with the event concluding on Aug. 8, 2015.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.