Android Market Now Highlights Top-Grossing and Trending Apps

In what will be a huge boon for distribution of Android apps, Google’s official app store has added new categories including trending, top-grossing, top new paid and top new free apps.

This will add new ways for developers to get their work discovered and will make it easier for them to understand what kinds of titles monetize well. It could also breathe life into pay-per-install networks that have been having trouble on the iOS platform since Apple began rejecting some apps with offer walls. Each of the new lists is also regionalized for local markets.

In June, Google will also add personalized recommendations for apps, akin to what Apple has done with its Genius recommendations in the iOS app store. Android Market will also have a developers’ list that highlights top companies building for the platform and a curated “Editor’s Choice” section.

“From a merchandising perspective, we’ve done a lot to increase real estate to highlight apps and provide recognition for great apps that users should look at downloading,” said Google’s group manager for the platform Eric Chu.

As we’ve mentioned before, Android app store rankings are not so heavily dependent on raw download rates like Apple’s ranking system has been historically. While Google doesn’t reveal the algorithms behind the app store rankings, we’ve heard in the past that it factors in inputs like the long install rate, or whether users keep the apps, and ratings.

Here’s what it looks like on the web:


Here’s what it looks like on phones: