Amy Chozick Tells Cosmo How She Snagged the ‘Hillary Clinton Beat’

Why an unfamiliar beat can be a very good thing.

In Cosmo’s latest “Get That Life” column,  New York Times national political reporter Amy Chozick describes to Jill Filipovic how she went from New York-dreaming college student to Hillary Clinton specialist.

Chozick’s entrée into political reporting for the Wall Street Journal–coming in 2007 after a string of beats that included a stint in Tokyo–was also her entrée into politics.

I move back to New York, it’s 2007, and John Bussey calls me and says, “How would you like to go to Iowa with Hillary Clinton?” Iowa was as big a culture shock to me as Japan, and American politics was also totally foreign — I remember not knowing what a caucus was. John Bussey’s theory was that fresh perspective brings a different kind of story. Everyone knows people hook up on the campaign, but no one had written that story. 

Cautionary tales against falling for the lull of the expected abound, including, in Clinton’s case, the cruel irony of high expectations.

When I started covering her in 2007, I was like, “I’m riding this beat to the White House,” and then saw her fall.

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