American Express & Foursquare Teaming Up & Offering Easy to Redeem Discounts

The New York Times reports that American Express has teamed with Foursquare to offer national discount deals.

A Start-Up Matures, Working With AmEx

The Sync American Express site is found at:

You need an American Express card account, a Foursquare account and app on your phone to participate. Your card information is synced with Foursquare which enabled you to unlock specials. There is no need for coupons or even to show your phone to receive the discounts. Specials are redeemed simply by using your card after unlocking them in Foursquare. NYT reports that just a few storesand restaurants like Sprots Authority, H&M, Union Square Cafe (in NYC) and Blue Smoke (also in NYC) are participating at the start.

It is interesting to note that Foursquare is not getting any revenue from this partnership.