Almost 65 Million Facebook Users "Like" Things Daily

Want to know how popular Facebook likes are? According to new statistics we’ve collected (and will be rolling out shortly in an upgraded version of our statistics tools) just under 65 million Facebook users are liking things on a daily basis through Facebook. This is according to self-reported statistics from Facebook which until now have not been published. While more than 20 million users interact with Facebook for iPhone, this is currently the most active interaction on Facebook.

While Facebook has yet to reveal the number of users that comment on things daily, this statistic is the closest representation we’ve found to the total number of users which log in to Facebook on a daily basis. Facebook claims that “50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day”, and given that the number of active users is rapidly approaching 500 million, that would suggest that approximately 26 percent of users are liking items once they login to Facebook each day.