Advertisers Seem to Care More Than Publishers About Seeing Ads

Study says 2014 will be a big year for viewability

Advertisers have been pushing for the online ad industry to address ad viewability for the past several years. It's a reasonable goal, as brands would like to make sure people can actually see the ads they are paying for.

And while some publishers have made the issue a priority, others have dragged their feet, making viewability a cause that seems to have languished or become downright messy. But according to a new Undertone survey, 80 percent of brands say that viewability will be an important or very important issue in 2014.

Publishers and advertisers might not be on the same page. According to Undertone, 53 percent of publishers claim that viewability has had no impact on how they design their Web pages, and only 22 percent of publishers say they've decreased the number of ads they serve on their pages. Undertone surveyed 600 advertisers, agencies and publishers for the report. Check it out: