Ads Tool Gives #Retargeting a Makeover

RadiumOne unveils Twitter-based product

Two years after introducing a tool that targets potential Facebook fans around the Web, RadiumOne today debuts a hashtag-based system that takes aim at Twitter users.

A brand can identify consumers based on the hashtags—such as #running, #fitness, #olympics, etc.—they use on Twitter via their desktops, tablets or mobile phones. Companies can then target ads to the same consumers “within milliseconds,” according to the software firm.

“Essentially, you are going after consumer sentiment,” Gurbaksh Chahal, RadiumOne CEO, told Adweek. “Hashtags are a way to target display media now. It’s cross-platform, which is important because so much content is consumed via mobile devices. You can cookie the user and retarget them.”

Indeed, his San Francisco company’s product more or less takes the concept of search retargeting and applies it to Twitter usage. RadiumOne claims to have social data on 700 million consumers from which it builds audiences for brands, which then—through their digital agency, normally—target promos on publisher sites. Chahal said his team worked on the tool for the last two months while testing it with six major brands that he would not name.

Retargeting ads based on consumer social activity seems to interest venture capitalists. RadiumOne earlier this year completed a $50 million round of funding, putting the company's valuation at some $500 million.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.