A Hidden Mental Health Message; The Streamer Ad Shuffle: Monday's First Things First

Plus, what BuzzFeed’s acquisition of The Huffington Post means

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This Innovative Men’s Mental Health PSA Isn’t Quite What It Seems

A new ad for the U.K. nonprofit Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) makes creative use of video player functionality to tell an outside-the-box story about mental health. In the short film, rugby champion Joe Marler, who has been open about his struggle with mental health, appears to be interviewed after a match—but then he stops and invites viewers to hover their cursors over the video progress bar to reveal an entirely different message.

Watch to discover the hidden message within the ad. (It works best on non-mobile devices.)

Related: Sheba Shows How Cats Impact Mental Health

In another mental health-focused campaign, cat food brand Sheba has created three short documentaries on the power of cats to change lives. The three films each tell different stories with unifying messages: a cat training program in a Washington prison, a veteran whose cat helped him heal, and a cat that defies the odds as a mountaineering companion. Watch all three films here.

‘Shrinkage Seems Inevitable’ in BuzzFeed and HuffPost Deal

BuzzFeed acquired The Huffington Post last week, a move that analysts are calling a timely and clever move because it lends scale, investment and new audience categories to the former brand, while the latter gets more relevancy. It’s unlikely to yield top-line growth in the current advertising conditions, but that may not be a huge problem.

Learn why their future is brighter together.

How Marketers Differentiate Ad-Supported Streaming Platforms, From Roku to Tubi

2020 has been a year of many things, good and bad, but for streaming it has been a time of explosive growth, especially for ad-supported platforms. Now marketers are taking a closer look at the differences between these platforms and make decisions about ad buying on each one. And although it’s not at the scale of broad audience buys that linear TV is known for, it’s growing as quickly as confidence in the platforms’ futures.

Learn what this trend means for the likes of Hulu, Roku, Pluto and Tubi.

CMOs on the Move: Roundup of the Latest Industry Movers and Shakers

Things are changing rapidly in the advertising and marketing world—too rapidly for anyone to reasonably keep up with. That’s why we’ve collected a roundup of all of the marketing executives who have made key moves over the past few months in industries including media, entertainment, retail, financial services and tech. 

Moving and shaking: Check out the list of recent CMO leaps and bounds.

Plus, catch insights from these CMOs:

  • “Just stay curious and don’t be afraid to be spontaneous because that’s really where true creativity comes.” On the CMO Moves podcast, Gap marketing chief Mary Alderete talks about her in-house power team, advice for fueling creativity and more.
  • Ulta Beauty CMO Shelley Haus explains the reasoning and strategy behind the brand’s partnership with Target that will see it create some 100 in-store mini-shops in 2021.
  • This week, Lagunitas Brewing Company appointed Canvas Worldwide as its U.S. media agency of record, following a review. We talked with Lagunitas CMO Paige Guzman about the appointment and vision for the brand’s marketing.

More of the latest:

Ad of the Day: Ryan Reynolds Is Partnering with Best Buy After a Bitter History

Before Ryan Reynolds achieved super stardom, he dreamed of working for Best Buy’s Geek Squad. Sadly, a youthful Reynolds’ dreams were dashed when he was rejected from the position. In a new Mint Mobile ad, he graciously forgives the brand for the rejection—and Best Buy, in turn, forgave him for… well, you’ll see.