9 Data Points That Show How Marketers Are Using Snapchat

Study sheds light on emerging platform

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New York-based L2 researches emerging social platforms, and we asked the company to pull numbers for our June 13 cover story about Snapchat. Due to its extensive study, we weren't able to include all of the stats in that piece, so we are now offering a more in-depth look at the report. 

These 9 slides compare Snapchat to Instagram and also look at how specific companies are using Snapchat. Check them out below:

1. Brands are slow to Snapchat
Not shockingly, marketers are largely already on Instagram. And while Snapchat is still emerging, it's pretty surprising to see such low numbers for Snapchat adoption. 


2. It's all about the frequency
Brands that actually author stories on Snapchat, however, do so much more often than marketers posting on Instagram in terms of weekly activity.


3. Snapchatting brands are inconsistent
Yet, interestingly, marketers post much more consistently on Instagram than Snapchat when it comes to daily habits. 


4. Brand activity on the platform
We reported the main data point below—that 70 percent of brands are active on Snapchat—yesterday in our cover story about Snapchat's API and new ad format. But L2's full findings in this particular area show how active brands are by marketing category. 

5. Clips are running wild
There are a number of ways to communicate on Snapchat, but marketers clearly prefer vertical video. The comparison below to Instagram is telling.


6. Seven styles rule the day
Snapchat marketing content is varied. As the chart below shows, there are seven different kinds of messaging that regularly occur on the app.

7. Tarte and L'Oréal lead cosmetics
Marie Gulin-Merle, U.S. marketing chief for cosmetics giant L'Oréal, recently told Adweek that her team is dedicated to being where her digital customers are. "And right now, that's Snapchat," she said. 

Her words prove to be sincere when you look at L2's data around the beauty sector. L'Oréal is only being outpaced by Tarte Cosmetics on the app. 

8. Warby Parker's all in on Snapchat content
Next, L2 looked at how Warby Parker manages content for one-day events, and the researcher found the eyeglasses brand to be unusually active in short bursts. 

9. You should be like GE
General Electric consistently entices Snapchat users to engage with content, per L2. It's evidently not the norm for Snapchat marketers, which only ask users to engage with posts 11 percent of the time.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.