8 B2B Marketing Resources: Blogs, Research, and Thought Leaders

People ask me all the time what they should be reading to keep up on B2B marketing. Naturally, I have my favorite sites, since I need to keep up myself. So, here are my top B2B marketing resources — including how-to, research insights, prognostications, and opinions from knowledgeable experts. Sign up, follow, and enjoy.

  1. B2BMarketing.net: Some people say that the UK marketers are way ahead of the US, because their smaller universe means they have to work harder. This publisher’s capabilities would certainly support that argument. Find their excellent content, plus webinars and events, and check out their first US event in Chicago in May.
  2. Content Marketing Institute: Joe Pulizzi’s genius was to see the value of content marketing long before everyone else. He built an organization that explains the theory and practice, and its first examples were in business markets. This is the go-to place for research and how-to.
  3. Demand Gen Report: A treasure trove of white papers, research reports, articles, videos, and how-to guides on every imaginable B2B marketing topic. Kudos to founder Andrew Gaffney for this resource!
  4. Fusion Marketing Partners: Whitepapers, ebooks, and articles from Christopher Ryan, who really knows his stuff and provides actionable ideas and guidance. And if you don’t want to take the time to read his material, you can just hire him to get your job done.
  5. Heinz Marketing: Matt Heinz has built a successful demand gen agency on the shoulders of great content. Here you’ll find abundant books and guides. But what’s extra special is his Sales Pipeline Radio show, and the newly available Sales Pipeline Velocity Calculator. Sure to impress your friends.
  6. MarketingProfs:This website’s heart is in B2B. Within its two-tier free and paid membership system, you’ll find a rich array of articles, webinars, templates, research reports, training courses, and events. Plus, there’s a Know-How Exchange forum where you can get your questions answered by experts.
  7. Ruthless B-to-B Marketing: Of course, I can’t leave out my monthly blog articles on various B2B marketing topics. Find them first at Biznology. I welcome your feedback.
  8. Spear Marketing: Howard J. Sewell started out in sales, so it’s no surprise that as an agency head, his understanding of lead gen is superb. I’m an admiring subscriber to his blog The Point, where the tips are immediately applicable to your campaigns.

A version of this article appeared in Biznology, the digital marketing blog.