7 Steps to Advertising to the Emerging Gen Z Consumer

Generation Z, the post-Millennial group of digital natives born after 1997 who have an insatiable desire for instant gratification and personalization in all aspects of their lives, is arguably the most unique generation to come. Advertising to the emerging Gen Z consumer is both as challenging and simple as it has ever been, which is an oxymoron in itself. But it perhaps explains the complexity of this 32% of the global population, which is edging out Millennials.

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Hanna Anderson is a marketing coordinator at Hawthorne, responsible for online programs, generating business growth using websites, email marketing, online advertising and promotions, SEM/SEO, and social marketing. Her blog is intended to serve as a space to inform and discuss advertising and how it corresponds to Gen Z — written from the perspective of a Gen Zer, herself. Reach her at hanna.anderson@hawthornedirect.com.