6 Social Media Archetypes for the Modern-Day Brand Influencer

Headshot of Marty Swant

Long before there was social advertising, there were archetypes. Not archetypes of brands, per se, but archetypes of the people we all admire and aspire to be. Those archetypes have shifted over time, from heroes of lore to sponsors of brands. But which heroes fight best for which brands is still an ever-evolving story even for the most socially savvy marketer.

Working with sister agency Edelman, United Entertainment Group—an entertainment, sports and lifestyle entertainment agency—will aim to sort this out with the launch today of its proprietary Functional Intelligence platform, f(IQ), which taps influencer databases, social listening tools and engagement rates to pair marketers and influencers across social channels. "It's part art and part science," explained COO David Caruso. "It's not a media buy. You really have to look at the story you're trying to tell and who can authentically tell that story with the effective reach necessary to affect your business."

While analyzing data for brands, UEG found a number of emerging social media archetypes for 2016 and 2017 that illustrate what types of influencers are gaining traction with their fans in a way that drives results for brands. To discover talent, f(IQ) analyzed influencer reach, relevance, authority and accessibility with followers before combining it with ROI for marketers. Here are six that stood out:

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