5 Gum Will Offer Free Streaming Of This Weekend’s Coachella Music Festival Through Facebook

For those of us you that didn’t get your Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival tickets for this weekend’s uber-concert in southern California, 5 Gum is offering you a way to enjoy the festivities live through your Facebook page. Coachella and the Wrigley brand have teamed up to offer three live streams from the show this weekend, with special behind-the-scenes content and on-demand material appearing May 3.

Company promotions at concerts are nothing new — but social media is, relatively speaking. And as brands have gotten more comfortable marketing on Facebook in the past couple of years, their tie-ins with concert marketing have gotten more ambitious. Levi’s began live-streaming a concert venue at South by Southwest last month — a venue that it had already been involved with for years. Microsoft is planning a big push for summer concert ticket giveaways on Facebook together with Live Nation. Odwalla meanwhile, has its own Facebook promotion already going for Coachella and other festivals this summer.

This latest offering from 5 Gum is being run to promote the company’s release of two new React flavors (Mint and Fruit) and lets fans of the brand create a custom itinerary based on a select list of artists. Fans can preview the artists work through both Facebook and MySpace buttons housed in the application(which was developed by Appssavvy) and piece together their favorite bands from the list to post to their news feeds. The festival will then be streamed live through three different channels, one of which will be in HD, and fans will be able to interact with each other during the concerts through Twitter and a real-time chat function built into the site.

The Coachella festival has become one of the larger music events of the summer concert schedule, and this year’s lineup features everyone from big names like Jay-Z and the Gorillaz to up-and-coming indie bands, as well as a much-anticipated reunion from alternative rock pioneers Pavement. The $270-plus 3-day passes sold out long ago, with prices for tickets on sites like Stub Hub reaching as high as $4000 right now. So the Facebook application could gain more prominence as a way to give every Facebook user a chance to join in the festivities.

There are currently a little more than 40 artists listed in the Coachella application, but artists are being added and updated as this weekend’s festival approaches. Once you’ve entered all the bands you’d like to check out, you can go back to watch the groups through the live streams. And there will still be plenty of content available even after the last band has played — 5 Gum will be posting exclusive content on their Facebook fan page, including interviews, backstage footage, on-demand performances and complimentary downloads starting May 3.