30% of Ads Nefariously Defeat Adblockers

Digital Marketing in an Ad Blocker WorldViolating consumer intent may not be the desire among marketers whose ads are doing end-runs around adblockers, but the reality is 30.5 percent of the Alexa top 10,000 sites are thwarting adblockers to ensure visitors see those advertisements.
Marketers who check the sites on which they advertise may not be able to discern which ones are showing their ads to unwilling consumers, says recent research summarized on Dec. 27 in TechCrunch by Devin Coldewey. The report says more than 90 percent of the websites they found using anti-adblockers didn’t provide warnings to visitors. (Opens as a PDF)
Soon, the findings from this research may matter even more to marketers. About now, Chrome’s default setting will be to block ads. That adds to the fact that eMarketer estimates a fourth of U.S. Internet users blocked ads in 2017 and more than a third of them were smartphone users.
The eMarketer findings don’t account for sites that defy adblocking.
The TechCrunch-profiled research that’s primarily authored by the University of California, Riverside, determined there could be 52 times more end-runs around adblockers than previously believed: