24 Social Networking Site for Gamers

Gaming sites have been pretty much covered since decades ago. With the explosing of social networking sites, gamers were not spared and so we’ve seen the rise of social networks catering to gamers and the games they’ve played. Some social networking sites for gamers are pretty cool and some are lame. Here 24 social gaming sites and you decide which one is great and which are simply lame.GamerVision – a social network for gamers that offers a video game community for like-minded gamers. It features user-generated gamer video game reviews, news, previews, blogs, groups, and forums.

“it seems to emphasize the design, and finding the content is just too much effort” – Mashable

Ugame a social network for all gamers, from the players of casual flash games to the competitive online gamer. It lets you keep up with friends, upload photos, share configs and videos, organize games, support your favourite teams/guilds and manage your online gaming life.

“A key to starting a successful niche social network probably lies in the creators’ ability to balance familiar features with ones that capitalize on the niche’s unique qualities. If this is true then the team behind UGAME is off to a good start.” – TechCrunch

GAX Online – The Xbox Playstation Wii MMORPG PC Social Network, or simply a social network for gamers. It lets you connect with other gamers, keep in touch with your friends, share screenshots and videos and share achievements. It has a simple site design but has a good blog which discusses various game-related stuff.

Second Life Profiles – a site dedicated to second life gamers where you can meet the real people behind the second life avatars you meed in the Second Life world. You can add your 1st and 2nd Life information and pictures to the site, send and receive message from people all around the world, add friends, favorites, blog, rank, pictures and second life places.

Yesmmo – join forces with friends, share your stories and discover what’s happening in the games you love. Would have been better if the site was designed in a more colorful way. But who knows, white may actually work.

Onverse – merged with playerhousing. A virtual social network where members get a 3D space in the Onverse virtual world, decorate their homes, cutomize avatars and venture out with friends. Currently in alpha stage.

Rupture – builds a profile for you based on your game play. It automatically pull information from many video games. It creates a central location your friends can use to keep track of what you’re playing and also makes it easy for you to track your friends.

GamerDNA – the platform for your gaming lifestyle where you can showcase your experiences, create a guild or clan, share your favorite stories, connect with gaming friends, and discover new things about yourself, your friends, and the games you play.

Koinup – based around shared machinima, game screenshots and virtual stories contributed by members. It It allows you to upload, share and review content they create within games, mmorpg, virtual worlds and metaverse.

Warcraft Social – connect with other Warcraft players around the world. It lets you share information with online friends and guilde members, find people to play with you on your server, connect on a more personal level by viewing photos of other warcraft players and even looked up the jerk who just ganked on you.

“It sounds like quite an endeavor. It sounds extraneous. It sounds weird, and kinda lame. It sounds, in other words, like the perfect idea for my fellow World of Warcraft aficionados. After all, we’ll need services like this once Warcraft subsumes our species whole, splicing our minds into one single distributed entity whose purpose is to grind for XP and farm reputation until the entire planet is clad in Tier 9 gear.” – Gaygamer