NBA Finals: Warriors Win, Facebook Users Talk LeBron (Infographic)

The Golden State Warriors prevailed over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the National Basketball Association Finals, but Cavs forward LeBron James still ruled Facebook.

The Golden State Warriors prevailed over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the National Basketball Association Finals, but Cavs forward LeBron James still ruled Facebook.

James generated twice as much conversation on the social network as any other player involved in the battle for the league championship, even though his squad fell short, losing in game six Tuesday night.

Facebook said some 32 million users generated about 173 million posts, comments and likes related to the NBA Finals between June 4 and 16.

The five most-talked-about players were:

  1. James
  2. Stephen Curry
  3. Matthew Dellavedova
  4. Kyrie Irving
  5. NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Andre Iguodala

The five most-talked-about games were:

  1. Game six: Golden State 105, Cleveland 97, 9.4 million users, 27 million interactions
  2. Game one: Golden State 108, Cleveland 100, overtime, 7.3 million users, 19 million interactions
  3. Game four: Golden State 103, Cleveland 82, 6.7 million users, 18 million interactions
  4. Game five: Golden State 104, Cleveland 91, 6.3 million users, 17 million interactions
  5. Game three: Cleveland 96, Golden State 91, 6.2 million users, 16 million interactions

The top five states discussing this season’s NBA Finals were:

  1. Ohio
  2. Mississippi
  3. California
  4. Illinois
  5. Georgia

And the top five demographic groups discussing the series were:

  1. Men 18 through 24
  2. Men 25 through 34
  3. Women 18 through 24
  4. Women 25 through 34
  5. Men 35 through 44

Readers: Did you interact on Facebook during this year’s NBA Finals?

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2015 NBA Champions image courtesy of Golden State Warriors Facebook page. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.