12 Vendors That Can Make Your YouTube Videos More Accessible With Closed Captions

As web video increases in popularity it is becoming more and more evident that closed captions are a necessity, not only to make videos accessible to the hearing impaired but also to aid in translation so that people around the world can watch video clips, auto-translated into their own native languages. YouTube understands the growing importance of closed captioning and has teamed up with a number of vendors that can help content creators add captions to their videos. Read on for a list of 12 YouTube Ready vendors that can help you make your videos more accessible with closed captions.

Not only do captions make your YouTube videos more accessible, but they also make your videos more discoverable. As web video becomes more and more prominent, it will be increasingly important to add captioning to your content. YouTube has compiled a list of YouTube Ready caption vendors. All of the YouTube Ready vendors are certified by the Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) and adhere to the following criteria: