10 Ways to Make Milestone Brand Anniversaries Special

Creating memorable celebrations that count.

Route 66 Anniversary Logo CroppedWhat do Apple’s iPhone, Cartier’s Tank watch, Finland, Disneyland Paris and U2 have in common? They will all be marking milestone anniversaries this year. For many other brands, companies and destinations worldwide, 2017 also holds historical significance. These commemorations offer a unique chance for products or places to attract attention beyond their core customer base, whether they’ve been around for five, 50 or 150 years.

The media often takes notice, but with all the competition in the celebration space, they only focus on the most unique approaches. So PRNewser compiled information on several brand anniversaries that occurred in 2016 and are planned for 2017 and outlined key elements along with examples of consumer goods, entertainment and travel milestones. The number of years for each brand’s anniversary is noted in parentheses.Coach Book Amazon

1. Announce plans well in advance:

Publicize with ‘Save the Date’ news in order to appear in anniversary list articles, such as The New York Times travel and USA Today entertainment sections.

2. Capture the essence of a brand’s or founder’s legacy:

Cartier’s Tank watch (100) design dates back to World War I, and Jeep (75) vehicles were used in World War II. Boeing (100) reflected its founder’s philosophy, “Build something better,” while Nestle (150) focused its anniversary around the tagline: “Good food, good life.” Prospect Park, Brooklyn (150) is promoting its role as a space to relax, play and experience nature.

Disneyland Paris Star Wars Ride
3. Schedule celebratory events throughout the year or country:

In 2016, Flagstaff, Arizona planned 66 events (aka ‘kicks’) along the legendary Route 66 (90). This year U2 is launching a worldwide tour to mark 30 years since the release of The Joshua Tree album. Canada (150) will celebrate across seasons and cities, from Ottawa to Montreal.

4. Keep selected items secret to preserve a surprise factor:

Apple’s iPhone turns 10 this year, and in typical fashion has everyone guessing what’s in store. Disneyland Paris (25) announced a new Star Wars Star Tours attraction, but kept specific details under wraps.
M and Ms Vote

5. Take a multifaceted, integrated approach:

Nestle turned an old factory into a multimedia visitor center in Vevey, Switzerland, and Coach (75) relocated its Manhattan headquarters to a new location that will encompass an arts center and luxury hotel.

6. Encourage interaction with customers:

Peet’s Coffee (50) fans, aka ‘Peetniks’, posted stories on a special anniversary website. Visitors to National Parks (150) shared their experiences using the hashtag #FindYourPark.
Slurpee Cup

7. Feature designs that look back and forward:

Coach brought back four selected vintage handbags. Jeep produced six anniversary editions, and BMW (100) is introducing new models. Speculation abounds that Apple may be planning an all-glass iPhone model.

8. Create anniversary souvenirs:

Slurpee (50) created collectible cups, Flagstaff designed a Route 66 anniversary logo, and the National Parks appeared on a series of U.S. postal stamps. Coach produced a coffee table-size book, Coach: A Story of New York Cool.

BMW 100 Years Logo9. Leverage pop-ups:

Prospect Park is hosting a pop-up Audubon program. Finland is celebrating 100 years of independence with a SnowCastle in Kemi made of ice and snow that’s open from January to April and features a restaurant, wedding chapel and hotel.

10. Promote contests and deals:

M&Ms (75) asked consumers to vote for America’s favorite peanut, Slurpee hosted #BYOCupDay at 7-Eleven. A bar in Canada rolled back oyster prices, while last year the National Parks waived visitor fees entirely.

Washington DC Postal Museum Natl Park Stamps Cropped(Images courtesy of Kemi, Finland; Flagstaff, Arizona; Coach/Rizzoli; Disneyland Paris; Mars/M&Ms; 7-Eleven/ Slurpee; BMW; National Postal Museum/National Parks)