10 Takeaways From Domo’s 7th Annual Data Never Sleeps Infographic

The cloud-based operating system examines what happens online in a single minute

Hand holding a stopwatch currently at 60 seconds
The world uses 4,416,720 gigabytes of internet data per minute RTimages/iStock

Cloud-based operating system Domo released its seventh annual Data Never Sleeps infographic Tuesday, providing a snapshot of what takes place online in an average single minute.

Domo said in a release that the internet now reaches 56.1% of the world’s population, or 4.39 billion people, up 9% from January 2018.

Founder and CEO Josh James added, “Year over year, the variety and velocity of data generated from new applications and internet-based services provide an interesting view in how technology continues to change the ways in which we communicate, collaborate and build community. While the popularity of underlying applications may change over time, the desire for technology to improve our lives remains constant.”

This year’s infographic appears below, and 10 takeaways from Domo’s 2019 findings follow:

  1. The world uses 4,416,720 gigabytes of internet data per minute, up 41% from 2018.
  2. Over 511,000 tweets are sent every minute.
  3. 55,140 photos are shared on Instagram each minute, up 12% from 49,380 in 2018.
  4. Streaming continues to skyrocket, as Netflix streamed 694,444 hours of content per minute, up a staggering 614% versus 2018.
  5. Don’t count out YouTube, however, as more than 4.5 million videos are viewed per minute on the Google-owned video site, up from 4,333,560 last year.
  6. 9,772 rides are hailed on Uber per minute, up 603% year-over-year.
  7. Lyft wasn’t left out, either, as it provided over 1,157 rides every minute, up 67% from 2018.
  8. 1,389 bookings are made on Airbnb every minute.
  9. 8,683 meals are ordered via Grubhub every minute.
  10. Enterprise solutions such as Slack and Workplace by Facebook are causing a reduction in the number of emails sent per minute, as the 2019 average of 188 million is down 8 percent from 2014.
david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.