Talent Manager Portal to Be Added to TikTok Creator Marketplace

Talent managers can act on behalf of creators on the platform

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TikTok began alpha-testing a Talent Manager Portal for its TikTok Creator Marketplace platform for establishing collaborations between brands and creators.

The video creation platform introduced TikTok Creator Marketplace in August 2021, saying this week that it enables agencies and brands to connect with more than 800,000 qualified creators worldwide.

Talent Manager Portal allows talent managers to get involved, acting on behalf of creators to analyze, execute and oversee campaigns from start to finish and perform tasks such as handling creative feedback, managing deal flow, negotiating contracts and reviewing reporting metrics.

Talent managers will only have access to creators’ TikTok Creator Marketplace accounts, and not their actual TikTok accounts.

TikTok would not specify when Talent Manager Portal would move out of alpha-testing and become more widely available.

The company said TikTok Creator Marketplace brand videos tally 100% more views on average than non-TikTok Creator Marketplace videos from brands.

A spokesperson for the platform said, “We’re continuously looking to develop new offerings and refine our existing features to bring more value to our community and further enrich the TikTok experience.”



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