Slack Attacks or a Marketer's Dream Come True With Slack Connect?

Getting to know your collaborators as people

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It’s 7 a.m. and here’s how my inbox looks: 107 Slack messages, 52 new emails and countless social media notifications. As the social media lead for a b-to-b tech organization, what do I check first? Slack.

Slack just announced its continued rollout of Slack Connect, a new feature stating “employees at more than 74,000 organizations and counting can now securely direct message anyone—inside or outside their company.” Concerns immediately surfaced regarding “Slack attacks,” as invites to users’ email addresses could include inappropriate messaging, allowing yet another portal for cyberbullying. (Users must opt in, as Slack Connect can only be turned on manually if your organization has a paid plan.)

A b-to-b marketer’s dream come true

If you work in marketing or communications, you know it is a demanding world of constant change and collaboration. Communicating changes within an organization is challenging enough, not to mention the many counterparts we rely on outside of our company. We simply couldn’t do our jobs without our external PR and social media agencies, design firms, event marketing companies, vendors, partners and customers. Adding these users into a Slack channel for an upcoming announcement, event, feedback or any collaboration allows easier, faster and genuine communication. 

Break up with email 

Have you ever tried to build a relationship over email? It’s limiting, dull, a place for documenting serious matters and frequently causes misunderstandings leading to the passive-aggressive phrase: “As per my last email…”

Slack is so much more enjoyable; people get to be people. There’s something really special about receiving a Slack with someone’s profile picture, informal writing style and emoji of choice that lets us connect the way we can connect with friends via text or even social platforms like Instagram or Twitter. The pure nostalgia of setting a Slack away message like AIM is priceless.

Even before WFH (work from home) became the new norm, Slack gave users the opportunity to bring teams together, build company culture and show personality. And now Slack Connect gives us the ability to do this with others outside of our organization, allowing us to access everything we need from one platform. In a remote-first world where human connection is more important than ever, Slack continues to make work communication more connected and more human. Slack Connect has officially made my email obsolete. 

As per my last Slack

Sending a social media agency a Slack Connect reply with my favorite GIF is the informal yet perfect exchange needed to build a bond that email just can’t provide. We can now connect securely with other organizations, minimize dangerous phishing emails, communicate and collaborate confidently with partner organizations while building better relationships, book meetings and share documents.

The only way to successfully deliver good work is by having good relationships with your collaborators. Slack Connect minimizes the stress of confusing email threads and maximizes the time we spend together collaborating and partnering on new initiatives.

Slack Connect continues to evolve based on users’ needs, creating organized and collaborative workspaces where individuals can truly be an individual. Once Slack launches video and audio features, Slack Connect has the potential to replace Zoom, WhatsApp and email entirely.