Meta Continues AI Push With New Generative Image and Text Tools

The social network is rolling out creative optimization

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Meta introduced new products today that let advertisers use generative AI to create images and text. As artificial intelligence becomes more foundational to how marketers approach their jobs, Meta wants to maintain its reputation for being a one-stop easy button for brands.

The social network will offer the capability for brands to upload existing creative, and then let the generative AI create new images based on these inputs. Eventually, brands will be able to use text to adjust the images Meta produces.

This advances beyond previous Meta gen AI offerings for images last year, which let brands change the background of images or resize them across multiple Meta ad formats.

An example of Meta’s new image generation toolMeta

Meta is also offering a text generation tool that will use AI to create variations on an ad’s headline or primary text. A previous text gen AI tool that Meta released in October was limited to the ad’s text and not its headline.

An example of Meta’s new text generation toolMeta

These tools will be available globally by the end of the year.

Meta is far from the only destination marketers can go to get AI help on their creative. ChatGPT can write marketing copy, and Midjourney can make images, two among hundreds of other AI firms. But Meta is rooting this product rollout in what has always been Meta’s secret sauce: knowing who to show an ad to.

“Why are these updates going to be important?” asked John Hegeman, Meta’s head of monetization, rhetorically at a press briefing today in New York. “We know that continually iterating on your ad creative is one of the most effective performance levers that advertisers have.” If marketers have more creative assets, they can better test which work to drive results.

These tools will live in the suite of Advantage+ creative products, which optimizes images and videos to versions the brand’s audiences will likely interact with, per Meta.

Advantage+ Creative is distinct from Advantage+ campaigns, where AI tech is used in a media buying capacity—automating who gets served what ad—and not for creativity. However, the tools all involve automation and making less work for marketers.

Almost all Meta advertisers use at least one Advantage product, according to Hegeman. Revenue from Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns more than doubled year-over-year, the company announced on its most recent earnings call.

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