Messenger: How to Use the Year of the Rabbit Chat Theme

A new Chinese zodiac-themed background is now available

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The 2023 Lunar New Year falls on Jan. 22 and, to celebrate, Messenger updated its Lunar New Year chat theme to add an image of a rabbit to a conversation’s background. 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit.

When this theme is activated, the conversation’s emoji will automatically change to the red envelope emoji. In addition, three Lunar New Year word effects will be added to the conversation.

Our guide will show you how to use this Lunar New Year chat theme in the Messenger mobile application.

Note: These screenshots were captured in the Messenger app on iOS.

Step 1: Open the Messenger conversation you want to customize and tap the conversation name at the top of the screen.


Step 2: Tap “Theme.”


Step 3: Tap the “Lunar New Year” chat theme.


Step 4: Tap the “Select” button in the bottom-right corner of the screen to use this theme.


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