Media Pitch: Presshub Wants to Unify Publishers’ Distributed Content With a Single API

Many publishers have invested a great deal of time and resources to distribute their content on social and mobile-optimized platforms like Google AMP, Apple News, and Facebook Instant Articles. The promise of these platforms is to reach larger audiences and create new opportunities to drive subscription and ad revenue. But distributing content on third-party platforms also presents new challenges. One is the development time needed to integrate publishers’ content with each platform they use. Presshub hopes to solve this issue for publishers with its universal API. The API formats publishers’ content for a slew of platforms, eliminating the need for multiple integrations. In the following interview Presshub founder Minnur Yunusov explains how the API works and why distributed content is becoming a critical part of publishers’ audience development and revenue strategies.

Minnur Yunusov is founder of Presshub, a content distribution API that helps publishers manage their distributed content in one place.