LinkedIn Sales Insights Rolls Out to Give Sales Organizations Reliable, Accurate Data

The new data analytics tool incorporates real-time data from the professional network’s 722 million-plus members

The data helps users access the necessary insights to prioritize accounts strategically LinkedIn

LinkedIn Wednesday introduced new data analytics tool LinkedIn Sales Insights with the goal of enabling sales organizations to tap into the professional network’s data pool, source new accounts and ensure that sellers spend time on the leads most likely to bear fruit.

Real-time data from LinkedIn’s 722 million-plus members reflects the new normal of remote work, changing roles and evolving interests, providing sales teams and leaders with reliable, accurate data to craft their sales plans.

LinkedIn said the new tool helps sales organizations focus on the right accounts and expand into new markets with raw data at scale that lets them get a handle on the size and growth of key accounts, regions and territories.

The data also helps users access the necessary insights to prioritize accounts strategically and ensure that sellers have consistent opportunities to hit their targets.

Vice president of product management Lindsey Edwards said in a blog post, “The world is in a state of flux, and the only thing that you can count on is change. And, for many of you who are sales ops leaders, this constant state of change—and the continuous planning that it forces—can feel like an uphill battle if your data is unreliable.”

She added, “Unlike much of the inaccurate and stale data that you have cobbled together from disparate sources over the years, LinkedIn Sales Insights data is generated by a vast global network of highly engaged members. The reliable, trusted data that powers Sales Insights gives you the necessary information to feel more confident about your sales plan, allowing you to become a trusted advisor to your sales leaders.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.