Jadu AR Merges Reality and AR Into the Mirrorverse

CEO Asad J. Malik is making augmented reality fun, creative and accessible

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Augmented reality technology pops up in our daily lives more than we realize. From filters in our favorite social apps to virtually trying on a pair of glasses, it’s all powered by AR—and it’s only going to expand into more industries.

Jadu AR merges the metaverse and the real world, calling it a mirrorverse. Users create avatars who can do things like skateboard, and use augmented reality to play with them in reality, where they can interact with objects.

On this episode of Young Influentials, Jadu AR CEO Asad J. Malik joins Adweek digital editor and host Colin Daniels to discuss his love of technology and music, what the mirrorverse is and collaborations with the likes of rapper Snoop Dogg and race car driver Lewis Hamilton. Malik also shares advice on how to break into the metaverse and tech space.

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