It Will Be ‘The End’ for LinkedIn Stories Sept. 30

The professional network will try to evolve the feature into 'a reimagined video experience'

LinkedIn introduced Stories for its members in September 2020

Twitter recently found that not all that glitters in the stories format is gold, shutting down its Fleets feature Aug. 3, and professional network LinkedIn came to a similar conclusion last week, revealing that LinkedIn Stories will be history as of Sept. 30.

LinkedIn introduced Stories for its members in September 2020, as part of a major visual redesign, and the feature was extended to pages in February.

Much like versions of the format on other social platforms, LinkedIn Stories are full-screen and ephemeral, available for 24 hours and enable members to share feedback via private messaging.

Starting Sept. 30, the LinkedIn Stories experience will be removed from the platform, and members will no longer be able to create Stories for pages.

Image or video ads that were schedules to run between Stories will instead be shared to the professional network’s feed.

In cases where Stories were promoted or sponsored on pages via Campaign Manager, that content will not appear in feed, and it must be re-created as image or video ads in Campaign Manager.

LinkedIn senior director of product Liz Li said in a blog post last week that the plan is to evolve the Stories format into “a reimagined video experience across LinkedIn,” adding that the platform wants to incorporate the mixed media and creative tools of Stories in a consistent way while integrating it more tightly with members’ professional identity.

Explaining what LinkedIn learned from its Stories feature, she wrote, “You wish videos could live on your profile, not disappear. In developing Stories, we assumed that people wouldn’t want informal videos attached to their profile, and that ephemerality would reduce barriers that people feel about posting. It turns out that you want to create lasting videos that tell your professional story in a more personal way and that showcase both your personality and expertise.”

Li continued, “You want more creative tools to make engaging videos. With Stories, members could use stickers and Question of the Day prompts to make videos more creative and engaging. But you want even more ways to spruce up those videos in a professional context, and you want to do so across LinkedIn.”

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