Instagram Rolls Out Quiet Mode

Its Hidden Words tool and parental controls were also updated

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Instagram is reminding its users, particularly teens, that it’s OK to unplug sometimes.

The platform rolled out a Quiet Mode feature, and it will proactively prompt teens to use it when they spend a certain amount of time on Instagram at night.

When Quiet Mode is activated, an “In Quiet Mode” status will appear on their profile, notifications will be muted and auto replies will be sent in response to direct messages from friends and followers.

Instagram said teens have indicated that they feel as if they need to be available a lot of the time, which prompted the development of this feature.

Users can now hide multiple pieces of content simultaneously on the platform’s Explore page without having to select each post individually.


Instagram’s Hidden Words tool was updated to let users hide recommended posts with certain emojis, hashtags or words in the caption.


Finally, the platform’s parental controls were also updated, enabling parents to view their teens’ account settings, including privacy and content defaults and controls, and to receive a notification if any of those settings are updated or their teen blocks an account.

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