Facebook’s Professional Mode for Creators Rolled Out Globally

The social network also introduced new ways to earn money from content

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Facebook began rolling out professional mode for creators last December, and the social network said Monday that the option is now extended to anyone globally who wishes to become a creator on the platform.

Parent company Meta wrote in a blog post Monday, “We believe Facebook is a place where high-quality, original content can spark exciting conversations, bringing people closer together through common interests on the platform. With professional mode, you can use professional tools to build a public following, earn money from various monetization programs and connect with your audience in more meaningful ways. And you can do it all on the profile you already have on Facebook.”

Meta also introduced new ways for creators to earn money from their content that it is rolling out or testing.

Creators in the U.S. can apply to join the Reels Play bonus program, which enables them to earn money for Reels they share.

The platform’s Stars monetization feature is being made available to more eligible creators through professional mode, giving them the chance to earn money directly from fans. They can be sent and received on Live video, Reels and video-on-demand, with new formats coming soon, including photo and text posts.

Eligible professional mode creators will receive access to in-stream ads on an ongoing basis.

Facebook Reels ads are being tested with “a handful” of creators worldwide on professional mode.

Subscriptions are also being introduced and tested on professional mode.

Meta also detailed ways that professional mode can help creators attract and engage followers.

The social network’s Suggested for You component of Feed may recommend content from creators on professional mode.

Top fans lets creators identify and interact with their most engaged fans while incentivizing those fans with badges that appear when they comment on the creator’s posts.

Users can invite friends to follow creators they enjoy.

Creators will receive notifications alerting them about their most popular post, giving them the chance to jump in on conversations and engage with fans.

Reels Collabs lets creators co-author Reels.

Meta is testing the ability to boost eligible content as ads, giving creators the opportunity to reach audiences who do not follow them but may be interested in what they have to offer.

Tools that were introduced for professional mode include one-stop hub Professional Dashboard, where creators can view audience and profile insights, as well as metrics on the performance of their content, including comments, engagement, reactions and shares.

Reels analytics and additional monetization insights are continually being added, along with creator tools and educational resources, including the Professional Mode Guide.

Facebook’s upgraded profile design features a profile category directly on the profile, and selecting creator will cause creators’ brand to appear under their name when users search for them.

The updated post composer lets creators schedule posts in advance and view recommended times for optimal post scheduling, including the ability to cross-post content to specific groups.

Meta is testing a new, in-application Creator Support Hub that also includes educational materials on topics including bullying, monetization eligibility and verification requests.

Finally, the company outlined new moderations features for creators on professional mode.

Moderation Assist lets creators proactively set criteria in advance and spend less time manually moderating comments, allowing them to take actions such as automatically hiding comments with keywords from a curated list, with links or from profiles with no profile picture.

The Choose Who Can Comment option gives creators more control over comments on their public posts, with choice including from profiles and pages they follow and from profiles and pages they mention.

And Community Manager allows creators to assign a trusted moderator for chats when going Live.

Meta wrote in its blog post, “At Meta, we are constantly finding new and easy ways for creators to tell their story, grow their audience and get paid for their work. We believe that everyone should have access to opportunities to become a creator on Facebook. We are building the foundational tools to empower creators to build thriving communities and build connections with other people around the world. If you would like to begin your creator journey on your profile, you can now turn on professional mode in the profile settings and start creating today.”