Facebook Seeks More User Input for Its News Feed Ranking Process

People will be asked if they find posts to be inspirational

Facebook is seeking more input from its users as it continues to craft the ranking process that helps decide which content populates their News Feeds.

Product management director Aastha Gupta said in a Newsroom post Thursday that the social network will incorporate new questions into the surveys it began conducting in May 2019 to collect user feedback on posts in their News Feed and use it to inform its ranking process.

She said those surveys asked whether specific posts in a user’s News Feed were worth their time, writing, “While a post’s engagement—or how often people like it, comment on it or share it—can be a helpful indicator that it’s interesting to people, this survey-driven approach, which largely occurs outside the immediate reaction to a post, gives a more complete picture of the types of posts people find most valuable and what kind of content detracts from their News Feed...



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