5 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve the Performance of Your App

Apps are all around us and given the fact that both Apple and Google are doubling down on app technology you need to make sure yours are performing as well as they possibly can. It’s not good enough to throw together an app, chuck it into a store and hope they’ll all come running. You need to put some real effort in, from upping your marketing efforts to adopting new technology. Here are 5 handy tips to make sure your apps are singing in the new year.

Jonny Kaldor is the co-founder and CEO, Kaldor Ltd (creators of Pugpig). Prior to co-founding Kaldor, Jonny was MD, Technology and Product Development at News Corporation's Digital Media Group, focusing on building new digital brands. This followed three years as CTO at News International, where he was responsible for technology delivery across the business. Before joining News, Jonny spent his days, weeks and months trying to build a global digital supply chain for EMI Music.