YouTube TV Drops MLB Network After Contract Dispute

By Jessica Lerner 

YouTube TV is no longer carrying the MLB Network after the two sides were unable to agree on a contract renewal.

The news comes ahead of Opening Day on March 30. Spring training for the 2023 MLB season begins on Feb. 24.

Although some national Major League Baseball games will still be available to YouTube TV base plan users on Fox, ESPN, and TBS, any recordings of programming from the MLB Network that were made will be lost as a result of the broken negotiations, according to an email sent to subscribers.


“With Spring Training about to start, we regret that YouTube TV has been unwilling to negotiate a fair carriage agreement,” the MLB Network said in a statement to Deadline. “MLB Network has offered terms consistent with what close to 300 other U.S. providers have agreed to for distribution.”

The MLB Network supplied a list of additional distributors that continue to carry it, and YouTube TV presented alternative baseball coverage options available in its Base Plan. Both parties claim that they are dedicated to moving forward with negotiations on a new agreement.

“With the great demand and value for live baseball content, Major League Baseball’s commitment to MLB Network now and in the future is stronger than ever before, and we remain open and committed to reaching an agreement with YouTube TV as soon as possible,” the network said.

“We apologize for the news and will continue conversations with the MLB to advocate on your behalf, in the hope of restoring their content on YouTube TV,” the email noted.