YouTube Newswire at Work to Give Permission to Air Video

By Steve Safran Comment

The abundance of video on social media has always been temping for news. News channels want to run great video, but they have a hard time contacting the person who shot the video to get permission. In the old days, TV stations relied on stringers. The transaction was simple: the stringer shot the video, and the station paid the stringer. Now, all the world’s a stringer. YouTube Newswire works with Storyful to have a one-stop-shopping place where stations can get permission to run video that has been cleared. Stations can check out YouTube Newswire, pay for permission, and can run the video without worrying about copyright issues. (To do this, email their partner, Storyful at Here are a couple of examples:

Both of these are good. But stations aren’t starved for good pictures during this storm, so it’s unlikely they will be reaching out for these. Still, it’s good for stations and newspaper websites to know this resource exists. People may shoot something extraordinary during the storm, Or, during non-busy news days, there could be great video just waiting. Keep an eye on the YouTube Newswire channel.