You Can Shop Shark Week on Twitter, Samsung TVs

By Karen Fratti 

deliveyagentDelivery Agent is shop-enabling Shark Week this year by activating the Twitter ‘Buy Now’ button. By heading to the Shark Week Twitter feed, viewers will be able to shop a daily deal.

Every day there’ll be different Shark Week swag on sale in the official feed at an “exclusive Twitter price,” and who doesn’t need a pair of Fin Socks?

Shark Week fans with Samsung TVs will be able to shop all week, too, by engaging an overlay  From there, viewers complete the transaction on a mobile device by being led directly to the Shark Week store. This is the second year that Delivery Agent has worked in conjunction with Samsung to make Shark Week shoppable. Last year’s campaign drove  a 2 percent engagement rate, with 91 percent of viewers who forwarded a shopping link to their mobile device clicking through. Christine Wacker, director of commerce partnerships and consumer products for Discovery Channel said in a statement that:

Fans are watching and engaging with the show through a multitude of platforms and devices. As we developed our e-commerce strategy, it was only natural for us to bring the brand directly to our fans and allow them to activate through all of Delivery Agent’s commerce enabled consumer touch points – from social to mobile to television.

Delivery Agent also powered the Super Bowl halftime show this year, making exclusive Katy Perry items available via the Twitter Buy button, Shazam, the ShopTV app on certain televisions and Roku devices, and YouTube. Weren’t there sharks there, too?