WKRN switches to WorldNow

By Michael Gay 

You’ll remember WKRN.com offered many features that were innovative when they launched. The site has now relaunched as a WorldNow site.

Adds Cory: They also recently relaunched NashvilleisTalking, ditching the blog and turning it into a user-generated blog aggregator. Nashville blogs, by and large, are giving it a big thumbs-down. “What the heck is going on with Nashville is Talking?” blogs one. “It’s flooding my RSS feed with stuff and I look over there and it looks good, but there are just words, words, words and I can’t make heads nor tails of them. It’s like a handsome, drunken Frankenstein’s monster.” That’s what happens when you shift from an editorial-aggregation model to a pure user-generated aggregator. I’d write a little more about the relaunch, but the site is down right now.

Screen grab of the new WKRN.com…