Which new ABC shows will be a hit?

By Natan Edelsburg 

Social TV data company Networked Insights (NI) continues to push out useful information for TV buyers. We reported on their NBC and Fox predictions and now they’ve shared their ABC insights, which had its upfront earlier this week.

ABC had one of the most talked about new shows, Revenge. If you know someone that watches Revenge, they are most likely obsessed. We recently wrote about the integration the show executed with IntoNow. Once Upon A Time was also a success, and while Pan Am was cancelled pretty quickly, it was one of the most impressive social TV launches of fall 2011.

Here are NI’s “Must Buy” for new ABC programming. Anything with Connie Britton attached will of course be a win.

• 666 Park Avenue – This show is successfully appealing to viewers of American Horror Story and Terry O’Quinn from Lost is just sweetening the deal
• Nashville – This year ABC is going big with the country music theme, and unlike with Malibu Country, Nashville is offering viewers a bit more content with Connie Britton fresh from fan favorite show Friday Night Lights.
• Last Resort – It has been a long time since Seaquest was on the air and viewers seem ready for new submarine adventures — particularly Glee fans who are excited to see Max Adler in a new role.

Here are the “Advised Against” shows from NI:

• Malibu Country – Reba McEntire may be an award winning country music artist and a previous WB sitcom star, but currently she has a rather lackluster resonance on social and the show’s content is hit and miss with viewers
• Family Tools – As a remake of a British modernization of Sanford and Son featuring the wife from The King of
Queens, this show premises and casting is too generic to catch the attention of viewers
• Zero Hour – Anthony Edwards may be well remembered by older TV fans for his role on ER, but today he doesn’t have much of a social presence; the thriller-style narrative also struggles on ABC as was
evident in their recently cancelled show Missing

NI leverages, “real-time viewer data expressed across the social web to understand what’s resonating and what to avoid when promoting new TV shows,” if you didn’t already know.