Welcome new LR writer David Weinfeld

By Steve Safran 

One LR Plaza adds another floor this week, dedicated to covering the great digital outdoors. David Weinfeld joins the blogging team here, and he is going to cover an important, non-traditional space we all need to know more about. David is a principal in The Preset Group, a consultancy focused on digital signage, digital out-of-home media, and retail media technology.

David knows plenty about mobile marketing, social media, and emerging Web applications as well. He has been writing the blog Digital Signage Insights for two years now, and understands local content very well. The fight for local media takes place on the battlefield of advertising dollars, and David knows all about how outdoor media is capturing a growing share, thanks to new tech.

It may not seem, at first blush, that this is traditional LR territory. In truth, this represents a continued shift for us. Since The Reboot, we have tried to demonstrate non-traditional ways ad money is being spent.

We welcome David, whose coolest gig so far may be working for the Philadelphia Soul – Bon Jovi’s Arena Football League team.