Watchup Launches on WiiU

By Karen Fratti 

watchuprecent1Watchup launched on WiiU today, making it the first news app on the gaming console. The app now includes Bloomberg News, PBS Newshour, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Fusion, Sky News, Vox, and more. CEO Adriano Farano says that:

At Watchup, our mission has always been to make the modern consumption of TV news as dynamic and personalized as possible, and this is another major step in that direction. If content is king, context is the queen. Taking advantage of the unique dual screen aspect of Wii U, Watchup has created a truly rewarding experience for consuming news that delivers on the full promise of the second screen.

It’s a different user experience than the mobile one because viewers can use the touchscreen game controller to toggle between channels and read articles relating to the videos they’re watching.

This year, Watchup has secured partnerships with news channels in seventy of the top markets. It’s now available on iOS and Android operating systems, Amazon’s FireTV, and Kindle Fire, and Xbox360.