Watchup Adds Local Tribune Broadcasting News Content

By Karen Fratti 

This morning, Watchup announced a content partnership with the Tribune Broadcasting to bring local news to the app. Watchup users will be able to access online news segments from KTLA TV in Los Angeles, WGN in Chicago, and WPIX in New York.

Seattle, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Ft.Smith, Houston, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Sacramento, Kansas City, Greensboro, New Orleans, Huntsville, Des Moines, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Scranton, Denver, Harrisburg , Moline, Memphis, Hartford, Norfolk, Indianapolis, Richmond, and Grand Rapids are also included in the deal.

The announcement is well timed after a Pew Research Study earlier this month about the state of local news media. While local television viewership is up, the quality of journalism is at a standstill. Expanding access to an organization’s content incentivizes better work. Adriano Farano, CEO and founder of Watchup, said in an email statement that:

The deal is our first with a local news provider and adds valuable, in-demand content to Watchup.  The implications for mobile users and OTT news consumption are huge. And it’s just the first step!

In an official statement for the partnership, he notes that Watchup is a “complementary service” to traditional TV watching. The technology behind the app can evolve alongside OTT trends, especially as they focus on adding content. In November, they received $2.75 million in funding from Tribune Media and McClatchy, so it’s only natural to add their local content to the app.

Watchup, which was one of Google’s Best Apps in 2014, already features content from over 100 news sources, including Fox News, PBS Newshour, Fusion, Bloomberg News, The Washington Post, among others.