Viki Launches on Roku

By Karen Fratti 

Viki_Logo_largeViki, a streaming platform for international television, is launching on Roku. It’s an interesting addition to Roku channels and if you have one, you’ll probably hear about it. To mark the launch, they’re running a “New. Free. Binge-Worthy” campaign and giving away free Rokus to U.S. consumers. Alex Chan, vice president of Product at Viki says that:

Roku is an important part of Viki’s mission to introduce global primetime entertainment to new audiences around the world. The Roku platform is among the most requested streaming platforms, so we’re thrilled to offer this option to current Viki viewers, as well as introduce Viki’s content to millions of Roku customers. Non-linear content consumption has become more and more mainstream and Viki’s availability on the Roku platform places Viki at the forefront of this trend.

Viki hosts only “global” content like My Love From the Star, a Korean drama about a supernatural love story that drew record viewership in Korea and China, which is being remade for American viewers. There’s also Good Doctor and and God’s Gift- 14 Days which are being adapted by CBS and CAA for the U.S. market.