USA Network's Anywhere iPad app goes live

By Natan Edelsburg Comment

We recently gave you an exclusive look at the USA Anywhere app, powered by The second-screen app is now live and can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad here. Jesse Redniss, USA Network’s VP of Digital Media gave us a quick interview with more insights on what to expect with the app:

Lost Remote: Will you promoting the app on-air?

Jesse Redniss: We will be rolling out a full promotional and marketing plan in Q1. We are “releasing it into the wild” in Q4 to receive initial fan and consumer feedback, and in true USA fashion, we plan on making enhancements in an organic fashion so the offering is continually evolving.

LR: Will the app be promoted at all in

JR: It is our intention that Yap and USA will help promote, further driving the fan experiences.

LR: Launching with any advertisers?

JR: We are not launching with any advertisers out of the gate, but we are in deep conversations with numerous “partners” that would like to be integrated into the offering. As mentioned at the Social TV Summit Press event, we are looking for partners that share the same vision that we have here at USA and would like to create great character focused content together.

LR: Any exclusive content/polls this week as you launch or is it all going to be user generated?

JR: We will have some exclusive Polls and Character Chatter aspects in the App this week, and definitely next week after the Thanksgiving Holiday.