Twitter TV’s Guide to the 2015 Upfronts

By Adam Flomenbaum 

Anjali Midha and Twitter’s research department have been putting out a steady stream of TV data throughout the past year, and with the 2015 network upfronts upon us, Midha summarized the key findings for both networks and advertisers. For more, see Midha’s post – otherwise, highlights are below:

– Twitter is predictive: Twitter is an invaluable resource for networks seeking to understand how audiences (on and off of Twitter) engage with shows.

– Twitter users are TV’s cool kids: Twitter users influence what to watch, how to watch and where to watch.

– Twitter can drive TV audiences: Leveraging the Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, Nielsen was able to indicate a two-way causal influence between Twitter activity and TV viewership.

– Twitter makes TV ads more effective: Twitter leads to more commercial viewing, and Twitter users are also more positively affected by ads.

– Twitter impressions drive results for media and brands: Tweets are highly influential and drive Twitter users and non-users to take action, online and offline.

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