Twitter for name supers on NBC's Rose Parade

By Cory Bergman Comment

Twitter appears on TV in many ways, and seeing Twitter handles on-air is nothing new. But how about Twitter account names as the name supers themselves? Shaun Robinson and Al Roker anchored NBC’s coverage of the Rose Parade today, and here’s how their names appeared:

Of course, it helps their names are spelled out in their Twitter handles, as opposed to @gstephanopoulos or @bwilliams. Both @msshaunrobinson and @alroker repeatedly asked people to tweet along with the show, and Roker sent an amazing number of short tweets while he was on the air. My favorite was to someone who criticized him for saying, “most proudest.” Roker responds, “Sorry. Live TV. We make mistakes.”

One other Twitter note from the parade: @RoseParade kept in sync with the broadcast, tweeting each new float and band as it appeared on screen. But amazingly, it only has 1,160 followers.