Twitter Couldn’t Get Enough of #BieberRoast

By Adam Flomenbaum 

The ‘Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber’ was a resounding success. In the lead up to the show, the CC team was hard at work unleashing its multiplatform marketing strategy, and when the roast finally aired, it performed extremely well on linear and on social.

According to our analytics partners Canvs – the first completely syndicated qualitative social TV platform – 425,713 of 1,284,947 tweets (Nielsen Social) about the Bieber roast were emotional reactions. The reactions were overwhelmingly positive, 30% of tweets included “funny” terms (including “hilarious” and “laughing”) and 30% of tweets used “love” terms (including “best” and “killing it)”.

Below, additional analysis from Sheila Seles, Product Services and Marketing Lead at Canvs, followed by an infographic:

Our graphic this week analyzes the funniest comedians of the night, but we were also curious about how Twitter users felt about Justin Bieber himself. Nearly 72,000 emotional Twitter reactions mentioned @JustinBieber, and they were more likely to flatter Bieber than the general roast audience.  While 30% of aggregate reactions expressed love, 43% of reactions mentioning @JustinBieber expressed love. Reactions with @JustinBieber were also more likely to congratulate the star: 13% of @JustinBieber reactions said congrats while only 4% of general reactions echoed that sentiment. This is indicative of a trend we’ve noticed–people are much more likely to Tweet nice things directly to @ handles and do trash talking without tagging the handle of the person involved.