Tweet ‘Dr. Bull’ to Find Out What Kind of Juror You’d Be

By Steve Safran 

OK, it’s a gimmick. But we like a little weekend-kickoff fun here at LR, so we tried out a Twitter test that CBS has launched for its new series, Bull. The show is about how the “brilliant and brash” Dr. Bull helps trial consulting firms pick juries that might steer verdicts in their clients’ favor. It’s inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil.

To promote Bull, CBS has launched what it calls a “digital experience” that decides what kind of juror you would be.

You do this by sending a tweet to @DrBullCBS and using the hashtag #DrBullReadsYou. You don’t need to put anything else in the tweet.

A social media analytics firm, Vigiglobe, then reads through your tweets and decides your personality type. The possible results are: BelievaBULL, GulliBULL, ReasonaBULL, DependaBULL, NoBULL and SwayaBULL. You get a tweet back with your results. How did I do?


I feel validated already.

Bull premieres Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. ET.