Top Ads Focus on the Holidays

By Steve Safran 

It’s all about the holiday shopping season suddenly in advertising, as we look at iSpot’s weekly rankings. The company looks at how effective ads are by how many online actions were taken online that were associated with when the ad aired – what it calls the Digital Share of Voice (SOV).

Leading the list is an ad about Temptations Cat Treats, where we see cats wrecking a room decked out for Christmas. Only the sound of – that’s right – Temptations gets them to stop their rampant wave of kitty Christmas destruction.

At number two is Amazon with an ad called “Old Friends,” featuring a priest and an imam. It will actually give you a smile. Here’s the list. Happy Thanksgiving.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. Temptations Cat Treats: Keep Them Busy

14.64% Digital SOV  16,741,944 Online Views  115,544 Social Actions

2. Amazon: Old Friends

5.70% Digital SOV  821,811 Online Views  94,832 Social Actions

3. Life: Enjoy All of It

4.55% Digital SOV  871 Online Views  79,235 Social Actions

4. Walmart: Holiday Shopping With Walmart: Get Up for Black Friday

4.09% Digital SOV  6,124,576 Online Views  11,510 Social Actions

5. Apple: Bulbs

3.27% Digital SOV  1,186,421 Online Views  22,836 Social Actions

6. Samsung Mobile: A Perfect Day

2.34% Digital SOV  6,902,501 Online Views  32,612 Social Actions

7. adidas: Football Needs Creators

2.19% Digital SOV  1,535,427 Online Views  26,597 Social Actions

8. PlayStation: The King

1.25% Digital SOV  1,664,663 Online Views  1,665 Social Actions

9. Chanel: I Am

1.21% Digital SOV  909,724 Online Views  3,844 Social Actions

10. Red Lobster: Treat Yourself

1.01% Digital SOV  1,147,654 Online Views  16,087 Social Actions

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